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Flow Rehab is a calming space to come and regain your strength inside and out.

Our clinic is designed with relaxation in mind, and the services offered aim to assist you in taking back control of your body through non-invasive, cutting edge FMS therapy.


Our TESLAFormer and TESLA Chair are ground-breaking medical-grade devices that use Functional Magnetic Stimulation technology. This is used to treat chronic and acute pain through its muscle relaxation and circulation boosting programs. It is also used to treat muscular atrophy and to strengthen and tone targeted areas such as glutes, calves, abs and quads. In addition, it features a comfortable chair which helps those who are suffering from incontinence.

This non-invasive and effective treatment helps with sexual health and wellness of women and men by strengthening the pelvic floor muscles.

Flow Rehab


The TESLAFormer is a non-surgical option for those seeking muscle definition and strength. It can be used for the major muscle groups such as the abs, glutes, hamstrings, calves, biceps and triceps.

The muscle relaxation program also offers deep tissue muscle relaxation without any physical pressure. This is perfect for anyone dealing with tension in any of the above areas. 


The TESLAFormer programs also offer: 

  • Pain Relief from Muscular skeletal conditions 

  • Boost in circulation.

  • Lymphatic drainage

  • Deep tissue massage 

  • Relief from muscle spasm 

  • Promote healing after injury or surgery

  • Muscle strengthening and toning

  • Nerve stimulation

How does it work? 

FMS technology induces supramaximal contractions in the muscles. It starts by stimulating the muscles using a pulsed magnetic field at the targeted site. This magnetic field is then transformed via induction into a local electrical field that depolarizes the motor nerves. the signals travel along the nerve to the muscles, forcing them to contract. 

FMS works the center of the muscle ensuring that the entire muscle, not just the surface, is contracting. 




The TESLA Chair is a breakthrough treatment for incontinence and pelvic floor weakness. This unique technology revolutionizes sexual health and wellness by providing those suffering from incontinence with a completely non-invasive and effective option for management of symptoms.

TESLAChair for Urinary Incontinence

The TESLAChair was developed for treating weakened pelvic floor muscles and urinary incontinence using the special Functional Magnetic Stimulation (FMS) technology. The pulsed magnetic field generated by the device causes the muscles of the pelvic floor to contract. This therapy is suitable for all kinds of urinary and faecal incontinence. FMS also helps patients with sexual dysfunction and chronic pain in the pelvic region and lumbar spine. Additionally, the TESLAChair offers effective vaginal rejuvenation.

TESLAChair for Lower Back

The new TESLAChair treatment is a painless, non-invasive and effective therapy for problems in the lower back area. The treatment stimulates muscles, and accelerates circulation without direct contact with the skin. The therapy procedure is simple, and the patient does not require special preparation. During the therapy the patient simply sits in the chair. Stimulation of the lower back can be accurately targeted by changing the position of the applicator in the chair backrest.

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Meet Brodie Woodward

After 7 years as a stay at home mother I found myself seeking new purpose as my youngest started school. I have been fortunate to have experienced many different physical, medical and beauty treatments and procedures in my time which planted a seed within me to seek out something I can do to help others.

I came upon the TeslaFormer and TeslaChair by Cryomed and was instantly taken by its vast range of programs and ability to transform the lives of chronic pain sufferers. In creating Flow Rehab I have managed to fulfil my desire to help people, build connections and still be available to my children from my home based clinic.

Single sessions or packages available

TESLA Former 

  • Single session  $100

  • Multi-buy 8 sessions  $760

  • Multi-buy 10 sessions  $900

TESLA Chair 

  • Single session  $100

  • Multi-buy 8 sessions $760

  • Multi-buy 10 sessions $900


I have finished doing 2 rounds of 10 sessions with Brodie, over the last 4 months. I went there with restless leg syndrome (from standing all day) sciatic pain, lower back issues and a weak core - Im pleased to say that i feel great my core feels stronger, ab muscles are firing better my butt has lifted with muscles firing again, my cramping legs have lessened and sciatic pain gone, for the time being! Brodie is great and very helpful with whatever i needed working on for that session. Thanks Brodie you and ur machines are awesome 🤩 i will be keeping up with my progress when needed 😊 Tanz

Suzanne McCarthy

As an avid runner I was struggling to get consistency in my training with constant niggly injuries as a result of a weak left glute. After only 2 treatments I can already feel my glute working and I can't wait to finish the cycle to see what a difference it makes. I highly recommend using Brodie for improving your muscle strength and getting you running consistently and injury free.

Fran Cruden

Ive been seeing Brodie specifically for my butt and after the first session I noticed I was standing up straighter. Seemed to pull me into line. My posture was better.
Immediately it was easier to walk, easier going up and down stairs, stronger!
Being on the machine itself is absolute heaven.
And Brodie has the most beautiful, grounded, calming, safe energy.
For me, the sessions are “rejuvenating for my body and soul”

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